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Deja Vu–More Like Deja [****]

Deja Vu poster
So this is the first of many movie review blog posts, which stem from my rental subscription program. As such, I feel it is first necessary to explain that I WILL RENT ANYTHING. I exclude nothing. In my eyes how and low culture does not exist. I will watch: Jaws, Holiday, Casablanca, Fight Club, The Sweetest Thing, Liar Liar, Legally Blonde, Blue Crush–the point is, nothing is safe. So, most of these posts will have neither rhyme nor reason. Instead please think of them as mini insights into movies you may or may not want to see yourself.

Deja Vu, stars the always popular with the ladies, Denzel. The film is one instance where hot middle-aged man doesn’t cut it. It is the kind of film that wants to grab you by the balls…or whatever, right off the bat, but dusts you off with the cheesy opening credits (“Oh I get it. They show them twice ’cause it’s like that deja whatever thing.”). The film promises a lot of action, but unfortunately, what you get in explosions you lose in the convoluted exposition about how the Google Map technology that the film revolves around works.

I wish I could say that the acting was the redeeming quality, or that this one scene where a dragon comes into the shot and eats a lady, and then solves the terrorist mystery saved the film…but I can’t. Viewers are left with a “What?/HUH?” reaction, and with no real substance to show for it. However, I can’t say that I am let down by the film, because the trailers for it certainly did not give any indication of it being remotely good. But, as I said earlier: nothing’s safe.

Just in case you feel you are missing out here are some of the golden parts of the film:

*Denzel asks, “What if there’s more to physics?”

*Adam Goldberg explains how they came upon a time machine by pure “fluke.”

*Denzel uses a time machine flashlight.

*Adam Goldberg says, “I need more cowbell,” during a crucial scene with computers. Almost immediately following Denzel demands, “Don’t talk science to me!.”

*The filme ends with:



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