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The 2nd Coming: Jesus Shark

I will try my best to remain calm, but….it…is…so…difficult.

Researchers in Dublin, Ireland have just discovered that sharks are capable of parthenogenesis, VIRGIN BIRTH. In 2001 a shark was born in a zoo with a very distinct quality:

“The shark was born in a tank with three potential mothers, none of whom had contact with a male hammerhead for at least three years.”

After multiple trial births of other sharks without the DNA/sperm of male sharks, the same results were found, those being baby Jesus sharks.

That’s crazy, and also very cool. Of course, this isn’t the only instance of species parthenogenesis. Tons of other animals and insects are capable of reproducing without the sperm or DNA of a male. In fact, almost everything can save for mammals.

I guess I just thinks its cool beacuse it would be pretty great if the messiah were a hammerhead shark. I really don’t think anyone would see that coming.


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