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It’s been an amount of time

It has been a wile since the last entry, but for good reason. Finals, papers, graduation, celebration and the like have left me busier than I ever want to be from here on out. And yet, I still found time to stop and marvel at the wonders of the world, and I shall now share one with you.

This dog is real. It’s a real dog. It’s not a photoshop image. This dog is realer than real. It is real plus three minus none plus one. Next to this very real and much less fake dog is a perfectly normal real and true man. He looks real happy doesn’t he? the only thing that is more real than this man and his dog, the random lady and her very real horse, is the extremely accurate and true-to-life size of the quite real dog. He is huge. Huger than huge. In fact, this dog was just awarded the prestigious award of “World’s Biggest Dog” by Guinness World Records.

I’ve seen things in this world that I never ever want to see again. I have seen people die in front of me, and I have watched the slow deterioration of my loved ones. On the other hand there have been beautiful images thrust before me sending me into a silent stare of glorious wonderment. After passing a landmark moment in my life that should leave me worried and unsure of what comes next, an image like this REAL DOG reminds me that I am not at all unsure. I have never been more certain that despite what comes next, this dog is real; his size is real, he weighs 232 punds and has a neck that measures 32-inches around, he loves that man next to him, and I am sure on some level that horse next to that random lady is also real.


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