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The Most Beautiful Show in the Room

Flight of the Conchords crash landed into my living-room this Sunday, and with it came so many laughs that I feared my liver would travel up my gut and onto my plate of lemon chicken (from trader Joe’s for only $5.99). The dynamic duo of Jemaine Clement and Bret McKenzie brought music, ignorance, and pure comedy back to television in a way that was happily reminiscent of the late Arrested Development.

In the first episode entitled “Sally” the band is introduced as two guys from new Zealand out to do more than talk about hot chicks. They want to be successful, they want to be loved by more than Mel (their psychotic number one fan who always happens to be outside of their home), and they want to rock!

The show is a hybrid of a combination of conceptual shows that came before it. Some have suggested qualities of Tenacious D, as the show revolves around two guys trying to make it with interspersed musical numbers thrown into the mix. However, I think my favorite comment was made by JR Wynne, who said that the attitude and dialogue of Jemaine and Bret reminded him of The Beatles in their films Help and A Hard Day’s Night. It is a brilliant comment and I think he may have something there. While the first song is amazing, it is almost more enjoyable to listen to them talk to each other and interact with the world around them.

Another reason for its appeal might be the amazing quality of the production. The final product looks like something Wes Anderson put together for a mini-series pitch to HBO. I was wondering if any members of the Tenenbaums were going to walk by in the streets. they never did, but the vibe of the show exudes the same subtle genius of Anderson.

It is just that good. I have never been this excited for a television show before, not even Two Guys and a Girl! That’s crazy, right? I know!


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