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For Shar

It seems like there is a new superstar in town: the penguin. Why these creatures are so entertaining to watch on television, in movies and at the zoo I have no clue, but they are. For those of you who agree there’s more good news.

 Scientists have just discovered the fossilized remains of a giant tropical penguin in Peru.BBC journalist Neil Bowdler writes: “At 1.5m (5ft) tall, the penguin looked quite different from its modern-day cousins.” Five feet tall?! That thing could kill you no problem. That means that at one point in time there was a penguin walking around that was as tall as my sister!

 From the picture it looks like the animal was a cross between a pelican and a penguin, with an extremely long and spear-like beak and the body of what we imagine when we think of an Emperor Penguin.



4 Responses

  1. they found a fossilized danny devito?!

  2. ha! totally did!

  3. Ha! They totally did. So sweet.

  4. hmmm. that’s approximately what i think of when i imagine an emperor penguin. of course, that’s what i think of when i think of a banana too.

    everything is penguins!

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