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Baby It’s a Wild World

Shanghai has always been this place of mystery and wonder in my mind. In films it always seems like this dirty hub, filled with pirates and criminals (there’s a difference), and notorious for drug deals and market vendors. Well, reading the news this morning I came across a little something that once again reinforces my image.

SHANGHAI, China (AP) — A drunken man tossed his 10-month-old baby out a window in China’s commercial hub of Shanghai, but the girl survived the eight-story plunge, newspapers reported Friday. The girl’s fall apparently was slowed by tree branches and she landed on soft soil, only breaking her leg, the Shanghai Daily said.
Her father, 26-year-old security guard Yu Dongrui, was in police custody and said the girl had slipped from his arms while playing. Police said the father had been drinking alcohol and had been arguing with his mother-in-law, the newspaper reported. Yu was estranged from his wife, who had asked for a divorce earlier this year and moved to another city. Prior to the fall, the woman’s mother had placed the girl in Yu’s arms, saying she would no longer take care of her, and told him he was no longer welcome in her home, the paper said.”

For frick’s sake. How that little body could survive falling from that high I will never know. She must either be made of plastic and dreams or sent here from another world to save humanity from certain destruction. It figures that she would come from Shanghai, out of despair and a window she will fall into honor and duty. Awesome.
Seriously though, what a sucky dad.

I was also shown these photos yesterday, which present the introduction of the world’s tallest and smallest men. There is not much to say except: um, wow.

so, um, yeah.


2 Responses

  1. That is freakin’ hilarious. The little man certainly does have a wee head.

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