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Big Trouble…I Think Not

So I am back and I figured what better way to shock you back into my good graces than with this amazing new picture of the one and only Kurt Russell in the nude. Some may be horrified, others entranced, but all should be happy that it is Monday and we are starting the week off on such a high note.

And one more slice of paradise before I head into work this morning:

Eddie Murphy has finally conceded to paternity claims over the weekend. He is officially the father of Spice Girl,Melanie Brown. I don’t think that anyone is surprised, I am just glad that Murphy is finally admitted his mistakes. Next up, Norbit.


3 Responses

  1. Gergack! And I mean that in the worst sense of the word.

  2. I knew Kurt Russell was loaded. What a man’s man…

  3. Scratch that, he’s circumsized.

    Here’s some other good movie related jokes about that picture:

    “Woop! Looks like his Snake Plisskin just Escaped from New York. Am I right?”

    “Woah someone’s taking it a little OVERBOARD with the nudity! Am I right?”

    “Kurt’s getting my puss-eidon sopping wet. Am I right?”

    “Hey Kurt we can see The Thing but where’s Tango and Cash? Am I right?”

    “Hotdamn, he can cum on my Backdraft any day! Am I right?”

    “Hey-O! This photo is such a cocktease, I’m getting Dark Blue-balls over here! Am I right?”


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