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Blinded by the Plight

I watched Sunshine last week, Danny Boyle’s newest film starring Cillian Murphy and Chris Evans. To catch you up to speed, the movie is about a team of astronauts sent into space to re-ignite the sun. Yes, that is the plot. When is the sun set to die by the way? Fifty years from now. Does that mean we can stop worrying about slathering on sun block, because that would save everyone some time. Anywho, the sun is dying and that means Earth is going with it so we send a bunch of nerds into space to fix it—only something goes wrong. They don’t fix it.

So, we send a second team into space and hopefully they’ll get the job done right. A bunch of stuff happens, things blow up, plants catch on fire, Chris Evans does not become a human torch (in fact, he contrarily freezes to death), and a madman runs amuck nearly ruining the mission. So, now you are caught up.

The movie isn’t good. That’s it. At times you may be mesmerized by pretty visuals of revolving planets and virtual reality “happiness” rooms, but when it comes down to it there’s really nothing there. I had a problem believing that these particular characters would actually be chosen for a mission where the fate of humanity was at stake. I don’t know why I was okay sending Bruce Willis up and not Chris Evans, but so it goes. Plus, it felt like the movie was vacillating between a Kubrick wannabe and a Sphere-Cube-Event Horizon crossbreed. Basically, I am saying that it did nothing new and was unable to generate its own style? Yeah, that’s what I’m trying to say.  

Or maybe I just couldn’t get past the overall idea of a mission to re-ignite the sun. I mean, our answer for everything is blow it up, so that’s nothing new. But, the sun?! You’re telling me that fifty years from now we are going to have the technology to send people to the sun, get close enough to the sun to shoot some kind of fantastic boom into it without our faces melting, and that Cillian Murphy is the guy who is gonna get the job done? Err, no. And, why couldn’t they set the movie like 500 years from now? Why is the sun dying so soon? It doesn’t make sense. It’s not far enough away to be believable—they should have set the movie in 2009. That’d be funny at least.  

The one redeeming quality of the film is the melted madman who goes on a killing spree in space. It’s hard to go wrong with a killer in space. The only problem here is that you never get a good look at the guy. Whether it was the last thing on the budget list or just some funky/irritating editing technique, it fell short. Too bad, burned up killer man could have saved this dying star.


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