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Films, Forums & Frauds

So there’s a lot to talk about today, but I will try to keep it brief nonetheless. First of all, this picture is fantastic. From the first time I saw the Pineapple Express trailer this moment has haunted me with delight and now I want to share it with you once more.  

Okay, now that we’ve covered that, some new Dark Knight pictures have also started to circulate. Here they are:



Next, I wanted to let everyone know that somehow (Miles is a madman and the people want more) ShowShow was graciously invited to host a public forum on http://www.Popsyndicate.com. I KNOW! I mean, who would do that to themselves?!?! Anywho, we have one and it is awesome. I have a link to it on the sidebar to your immediate right. Please feel free to visit and discuss the show and other various topics.  

ShowShow Forum Fun HERE!!!

Finally, I wanted to take the time to tell you all a little story. I am doing this in the hopes that one day, should you decide to subscribe to a movie rental program you will avoid the problems I have come across.

Now, as many of you know I used to be an employee of Blockbuster Movies. However, before I even started working there I was a diligent advocate of their REWARDS program. Through this program members could rent an ass load of films for free and it was a mere $10 per year. It was, I’m sorry, it is a great deal. I would wander the store looking for the movies I wanted to rent and tell people about this great deal while doing so.

 “Oh my gosh, you’re renting so many,” a stranger would observe.

“I know! It’s the rewards program—it’s great!” That was me. A stranger to the corporation and yet a total devotee of a good movie deal.

Then one day I quit my serving job at Ruby’s diner and decided that since I was spending most of my hard-earned pay on movies, I might as well try to get in at the source. I applied and was immediately hired as a humble CSR (that’s what we in the industry call customer service reps), and from there I worked my way up to manager. I worked there for two years (or more now that I think about it) and I really did love my job. About half-way through my time at Blockbuster a new program was introduced called Blockbuster Online. It was mysterious, glamorous and an INCREDIBLE DEAL!!! I told everyone about it, sold it to all of my regular customers and all way right with the world.

Well, eventually I had to professionally part ways with BBuster, but I remained a faithful subscriber to their online program. I paid $16.99 per month and in return I got two movies in the mail and I could exchange them in the store for free rentals an unlimited amount of times per month. On top of that you get a free game rental and a free new release every month. Through this program I probably saved well over $500. No joke. If you watch movies this plan was the best thing ever.  

Then something happened.  

Last year I lost my debit card and as such BallBuster couldn’t renew my monthly subscription. When I entered in my new card information they said that it was going to take a few weeks to process. Okay, I can handle a few weeks I guess.Fast-forward to six or seven months later. On a random Tuesday two movies show up in the mail for me. It appears my plan has been reactivated. I’m so happy. FINALLY!!!! 


Movies never came in the mail again. Instead, FuckBuster cancelled my account in order to change my terms of service. If I wanted the same benefits I had before I would have to pay an additional $13. No thanks. What do I get for the same $16.99 price? A couple of movies and a kick in the ass, that’s what. You know, I’ve done a lot for that company, but even if I hadn’t I was a loyal customer. And this is how they repay me? Kick me off my plan and rape my wallet?

Friends, beware. That is all I’m saying. I switched to NetFlix last night for a free trial and if all goes well then…well then JERK-ASSBuster can go straight to hell.



2 Responses

  1. You used to work at Ruby’s?…Awesome.

  2. I still have a few videogames that I never returned to BB…and some other charges too, I think, but I’m sure as hell not going in and asking, which is a bummer because i’d like to rent some more games. oh well.

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