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Iron Man: Definitely not the worst thing we’ve caught him doing.

Now, I’ve read comics/graphic novels/whatever, but I have never picked up an issue of Iron Man. However, that didn’t stop me from thoroughly enjoying every second of this movie. Maybe it’s because Robert Downey Jr. kicks so much ass in it. Yeah, that’s what I’m attributing it to.

Robert Downey Jr. is a bit like Iron Man himself. His father, Robert Downey Sr., was a film actor, writer and producer who helped him get his start. After rising to fame at a young age he kind of threw caution to the wind and lived a life full of booze, women and drugs (I’m not sure about Tony Stark’s drug habits actually). He spent time in and out of rehab facilities and jail, and there was even a report of him breaking into a house one night while intoxicated and being found asleep in a little girl’s bed (she wasn’t in it with him I don’t think). But then he decided to turn his life around and become the badass he is today. The guy’s comeback is incredible.

Iron Man never stars in an Elton John music video, but he does transform in a pretty similar fashion. He kicks his addiction to developing military weapons when he sees the devastation they cause and the irresponsible way that they are used. He turns instead to building a weapon the likes of which have never been seen, himself in an awesome alloy suit.

Even if you aren’t the biggest Marvel follower you’re going to like the film. Downey is so charming, so funny, so generally charismatic that you’re going to leave the theater smiling. You are.

Also, stick around after the credits—especially if you’re a Marvel geek. Something special happens….


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