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“Today, justice is a baseball bat.”

While in Vegas we watched some late night TV to escape the heat. What we discovered is quite possibly the best television show I have never seen. It’s called Eye for an Eye, and if you already know of this show then you aren’t my friend. No friend of mine would keep such a wonder from me.

Eye for an Eye is what Idiocracy predicts for our judicial system. When the honorable Judge Extreme Akim enters the courtroom the faithful audience pumps their fists and shouts, “EXTREME AKIM! EXTREME AKIM! EXTREME AKIM!” Then, he sits high above the gallery—with a baseball bat that reads JUSTICE—and doles out punishment for ridiculous wrongs. This show is unquestionably brilliant and it wasn’t until we found out that it was produced by National Lampoon, Inc. that the real genius was realized.

Episodes of Eye for an Eye air every night at 1:00 am on KCAL9 (or a local station in your area).


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