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Someone got me a present!!! A great white present!!! Actually, it’s mostly blue, but whatever.

Shark Week: 20th Anniversary Collection 4 Disc! Jawwww yeaah, boooy-eeeee! What better way to prepare for Shark Week than by treating your eyeballs to some sweet gray carnage?!

The four-disc collection includes “Shark Attack Rescuers,” “Shark Attack Survivors,” Anatomy of a Shark Bite,” “Prehistoric Sharks,” “Future Shark,” “Bull Shark: The World’s Deadliest Shark,” “Jaws of the Pacific,” “Sharks in a Desert Sea,” “Air Jaws: Sharks of South Africa,” “Air Jaws II: Even Higher,” “American Shark,” “Shark Rebellion,” “Shark Hunter: Chasing the Great White” and “Shark Bite! Surviving Great Whites.

I’m so excited to get into the thick of this set. This week begins my deep sea dive into the Shark Week obsession.


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