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Listen, I understand if the picture I posted of the man with the gunshot puckered face is a little harsh–stomach churning, even–but I found a pair of face related travesties today that may be worse.

The first is known around the internet as “The Faceless Cat.”  Why?  Because he was run over as a kitten and decided not to die (much to my chagrin) and now roams the planet with no skin or fur on his face.  The result?  Horrifying.  

I’ll post a link to this picture because I don’t want to inflict anything on our animal loving readers out there. If you do decide to click on the link, be forewarned, this is disgusting.  If you’re curious, but not quite curious enough to look for yourself, I’ll put it this way: the cat looks like one of the aliens from They Live. He looks like this:

The second and final (for now) horrible facial trauma for the day belongs to Jose Mestre of Lisbon, Portugal. His entire face is covered by a hemangioma (in other words, a tumor).

Here he is:

I think we can safely leave this chapter of our lives behind us now.  No more faceless people.  For a while anyway.


5 Responses

  1. So gross. I mean, so, so gro…sad. It’s very sad.

  2. i am afraid to visit this blog again. please let that be enough. i cant sleep. but then again, it was hard for me to sleep after i watched lost boys at age 11. i haven’t revisited the flick again; obviously we have different tastes.

  3. HIs face looks like extra testicle-sack skin.

  4. Oh no, Jessica! Come back!!

  5. Seriously, that’s a pretty fucking awful picture. Good work, Miles, you fuck up.

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