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Helen Hunt Directed Something & I Watched It.

Helen Hunt gets a bad rap and I’m not sure why. I’ve always liked her. She was great in Twister, which we all know I adore and she was wonderful in As Good as It Gets (Oscar–winner wonderful even). But, you make one false move like Pay it Forward and people go from being mad about you to mad at you. That’s shitty, she’s an alright lady.

I watched her directorial debut, Then She Found Me over the weekend and I think some people may enjoy it. By some people I am referring to fans of Helen Hunt, the deliciously good-looking older gentleman Colin Firth and Bette Midler. If any of these people tend to rub you the wrong way then stay back, it’s not for you.

The film follows Hunt’s character whose life spirals downward when all at once her husband leaves her, her foster mom kicks the bucket and her seemingly psychotic biological mother tries to reconnect with her. All the while, Firth insists on being his usually sexy and polite self, which inadvertently forces her to redirect her life and decide how badly she wants a family. Yes, it is a chick flick. It’s a chick flick your mom would watch and say, “Oh it’s really very cute and Firth looks so handsome in it.”


4 Responses

  1. Helen Hunt leaves me cold. I noticed today that the DVD run of Mad About You is on sale on Amazon. So there’s that.

    I guess I felt like someone who was doing really well on TV, winning emmys and then oscars could do something more interesting with her career choices than playing the girlfriend in movies. But then along came Halle Berry and I forgot all about Helen Hunt and her enormous forehead.

  2. You’re right, Hunt is the girlfriend character, but I think she does it alright.
    You and I are tough critics though because we’re so awesome. We expect everyone and every character to be some kind of reflection of our awesomeness. And, when we don’t see our shadow, it just means four more weeks of winter – cold, cold winter.
    (I think it’s actually the other way around with the groundhog, but you get what I mean.)

  3. There was this girl at my high school who reminded me so much of Helen Hunt. Her name was Amber Hollarman and I was secretly in love with her. She never knew, but in the end, I suppose it was for the best…

    I mean, what was I thinking? Helen Hunt?! What a sick and twisted 17-year-old.

  4. I guess I like complexity in my female characters, Katie. You’re right.

    We are awesome. (Or at least one of us is.)

    And Amber Hollarman will never know about your love for her until she Googles herself in like 4 months. Huzzah!

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