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Rick Wright Attends The Great Gig In The Sky

Why is everyone dying?  I mean, I know that people do it all the time and that it’s been a pretty popular pastime for a while now, but seriously.

Rick Wright was 65.  He was also the keyboardist in Pink Floyd for a while.  As the headline suggests, he wrote The Great Gig In The Sky, one of my favorite songs.


4 Responses

  1. I listened to the Wall again today to mark his passing and was just blown away by how brilliant those five guys all were. I’ll admit that Wright’s aspect of Floyd, the extended weird quasi-jazz stuff, wasn’t my favorite, but he’s still in the top half a percentile as far as songwriters are concerned.

  2. Jesus… is it just me, or are big names dropping like flies this year?

    Regardless, he will be missed. God bless him.

  3. Funnily enough, Rick wasn’t part of the Wall. He was actually kicked out of the band during the recording.

  4. Actually, Miles, Rick was a part of The Wall. He was fired as a band member shortly before they went into production on the album, but was kept on as a paid studio musician merely playing the part of their keyboardist. So, he was still a part of the band AND the album, but he wasn’t officially IN the band anymore.

    Likewise, Dupree, I wouldn’t say “five guys,” as Syd Barrett was out of the band long before they cemented their legacy (i.e. he was only a main member for the first album). And really, when it comes down to it, he only necessary members of Floyd are Waters and Gilmour.

    Nothing against Wright, as I’m sure he’ll be missed. But it’s not like the show won’t go on without him…and by “show,” I mean total lack of communication and bitter disputing over personal preferences and ideals.

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