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Kevin Smith Makes a Romantic Comedy

Finally free to visit the local theater, I was able to check out Zack and Miri Make a Porno this weekend. What a great way to step out of horror and back into the general cinematic lobby.

While some people find Kevin Smith to be overrated, I have always thought of him as a friendly fellow who likes movies and occasionally makes one. Zack and Miri merely reinforced his regular guy charm, crass humor and ability to draft realistic conversations and relationships between his characters.

The movie is cute, but it’s also gross. It’s funny, but it’s also romantic. It has boobs, it has ass and it has feces. It pretty much has it all. Plus, in the middle of this all-inclusive romantic porn, you have Seth Rogen who is impossible to hate. He’s the guy that every group of friends wants to have in their gang (thankfully, I have Beef) because he’s real, he can tell a joke and he grows a great beard.

That being said, the film has a basic plot. Two lifelong friends – now roommates – are flat broke and in a last-ditch effort to payoff past due bills and keep a roof over their heads, they decide to film people fucking—because everyone likes to watch people getting it on. However, the real story is the unspoken love between the title characters and their journey to fucking the elephant in the room.

If you like Kevin Smith, Seth Rogen or the guy from The Office (Craig Robinson) then you’ll like the movie. If you don’t like any of them, then I would still give it a try – you might still find it funny and/or enjoyable. If you just generally hate everything, then you should really just stay at home, close your doors, draw the curtains and listen to Elliot Smith.


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