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NEWS: Where the Wild Things Are Is Close, Well Closer.



Spike Jonze: Yeah, it doesn’t take it seriously. And I think from the beginning, I told the studio, “I don’t think this is gonna be a movie for four-year-olds.” And I think they said “Oh, okay,” but I think that when they saw it, that’s another… you know, that’s something else. How old do you think your son would be before you show him the movie?


Spike Jonze: Karen O from the Yeah Yeah Yeahs. She did some of the score and is doing some of the score. Her and Carter Burwell are sort of doing it together.


Spike Jonze: We just locked picture about three weeks ago, and we’ll probably finish all the effects by, like, May or so. Then we mix in May and we have our dates in October, so…

Yeah, shit is happening…read the full interview here


3 Responses

  1. Ahem.

    I think I mentioned this in last week’s show and Katie said that it was never going to happen.


  2. Yeah.
    I am still being overly cautious with my excitement.

  3. I still don’t think it’s gonna happen, just like how Indy 4 is never coming out.

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