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My Movie Year–Day 16: Notorious


Hitchcock’s worst film in years.


So I didn’t see Perdita Durango on Friday like I said I would (I watched it on Staurday, as a matter of fact) on account of there was a certain dead rapper with a biopic in theaters that was calling out to me from beyond the grave. So I saw Notorious, the Biggie Smalls biopic and it wasn’t half bad. The half-bad part? Biopics are tough, man. Things get condensed and everything we see on screen becomes THE MOST IMPORTANT MOMENT OF THIS PERSON’S LIFE! It was tough to sit through these movies before Walk Hard, and now it’s even worse. Also, I didn’t say biopic in the last sentence, so I’m going to say biopic twice in this one (also: biopic).

What’s good?: Chris Wallace Jr. plays Biggie in the flashbacks, which is fucking awesome. Speaking of which, everyone looks more or less like the person they’re playing, except for the guy who plays Puff Daddy. Diddy dances in nearly every scene he’s in, so that made me feel better about the guy who was playing him. There’s a lot of crack dealing, fucking, cussing and talking about taking things to the next level (on a number of different levels) so it’s exactly the sort of movie that’ll play in college dorm rooms for a long time to come.

What’s bad?: Like I said, I’m just sick of the way these movies play themselves out. The worst of it comes at the end, on the night B.I.G. was killed. He calls every woman that he’s ever wronged, makes some sort of amends and they all say the exact same thing. B.I.G.: I want to spend time with our daughter, first-wife person.

First wife-person: I think we could work something out (smiles, hangs up the phone).


B.I.G.: Listen, Faith Evans, I’m sorry that I haven’t spent much time with our baby, but I want to see him when I get back.

Faith Evans: I think we could work something out (smiles, hangs up the phone).


B.I.G.: Listen Lil Kim, the girl I fucked on the side and made into a rap superstar, I’m sorry that I treated you like a pocket pussy, can I ride around in your new car when I get back to New York?

Lil Kim: I think we could work something out (smiles, hangs up the phone).

Overall…whatever. It’s a biopic and if you don’t feel like you don’t know anything about Biggie and want a Cliff Notes version of the man, then go for it.


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