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West Side Spidey

Spider Jazz HandsThe Spider-Man Musical……..

More than just a passing fancy, that phrase is now a truth, a fact, a thing, a inevitable stage production with music from U2’s Bono and The Edge. Yes, Spider-Man, Turn Off the Dark will be hitting Broadway next year via a $35 million budget.

Strange….isn’t Broadway broke? Whatever, who cares, right? Now let’s cast this thing!
I’m thinking Gordon McRae as Spidey…oh wait, he’s dead. Okay, instead I’m going to say Ewan McGregor. He has the voice, the cute face and the dance moves to pull off some convincing jazz hands whilst wearing the suit. Boom – we have a hit on our hands.

Actually, rumor has it that the two stars of Across the Universe (Evan Rachel Wood and Jim Sturgess) are the actual leads in the musical – so lame.


4 Responses

  1. Shudder. Shar, Dan and I have been watching this malignancy develop since the first rumor, and I keep waiting for it to fall apart. And it keeps not falling apart…

    How can all the amazing things that could have been made or done (Sports Night getting picked up by Showtime, a Deadwood movie or miniseries, me becoming Batman, a Preacher HBO series directed by someone who didn’t also direct Daredevil and Ghost Rider) NOT have happened, while this actually does? It’s not fair, universe.

  2. I’m sorry, pal.

  3. I retract above mopieness due to the reuniting of Andy and Conan.

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