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Thank you, Internet


I don’t know why this exists, but it does. It does and it is wonderful. Look at the little flippers! If this didn’t just make your day, if you didn’t just think of at least 5 headlines for this, if you don’t have a smile on your face after seeing this…then I do not want to know you.


8 Responses

  1. um, that’s fucking AMAZING!
    he has flippers!!!!!

  2. He’s a regular Jacques Poochsteau. Amiright?

  3. Oh my god. That is terrific.

  4. Dog to Chase Catfish.

  5. Oh Conor….oh Conor I miss you.

  6. It all makes sense now.

  7. And the scuba cartoon chain of command is complete:

  8. Scuba’s for suckers. This squirrel has the right idea.

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