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Read All About It! Spider-Man Rescues Child! (seriously)

By Lisa
HodgeBlodge May Parker

Hey, I love sarcasm and snark just as much as the next person, but this story about Spider-Man rescuing an eight-year-old boy made me smile. So what if he was actually a firefighter, that just ups the “awww” factor a whole lot. Although I am a little suspicious of why the guy just happened to have a Spider-Man costume in his locker. Mmhm, sure “liven up fire drills in schools.” Riiiiiight.

Still, it’s nice to remember that there are superheroes among us. (Including the people at Entenmann’s, who made the delicious box of chocolate donuts I just polished off. But that’s another story….)


2 Responses

  1. i will read every story on this blog tagged with both “autism” and “spider-man.”

  2. So wait, the moral of the story is that Lisa eats like a fat lady?

    Also, this is excellent.

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