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more about “IS THIS A REAL MOVIE… THAT COST FIV…“, posted with vodpod


The film is called “After Last Season” and yes, the budget is somewhere in the area of $5 million dollars. I’ll be investigating into this matter further, but for now know that the director seems to be completely earnest in his endeavors and that the above trailer is in no way marketing a comedy (well, at least not an intentional comedy).


8 Responses

  1. That is pretty rough…I worked on a feature length for well under a million and it looks 20 times better than that. I think the cat scan machine was made of cardboard…maybe it was made for 5 million Turkish dollars?

  2. That cat scan machine is pretty amazing, as is the ceiling fan. I was in the hospital TODAY (got hit in the head by a 2×4…seriously) and while there were plenty of x-ray machines and stethoscopes, there were very few ceiling fans. Little in the way of lace curtains too…

    Still, I can’t wait to see this thing. We’re watching The Room for the show soon, so that should fill in the gap a bit, but still, this thing needs to be on my TV right now.

  3. It’s no Ben & Arthur, but it still looks pretty fantastic.

  4. Off topic, but speaking of the Room, it showed on Adult Swim last night twice. It was part of the Tim and Eric show, and after the movie director, master of film and sound editing Tommy Wiseau was a big part of their newest episode! The fight between Mark and Johnny is to die for, and immediately after watching it I ordered my own copy off of Amazon!!

    I cant wait till you guys cover it…my obsession with The Room is epic. Just make sure you watch it alone though, Juliette Danielle is a beauty that may inspire a round of cock squeezing if you know what I mean.

  5. I couldn’t believe that either. I was flipping around at about midnight and saw that it was on and nearly shat the bed.

  6. I’m trying to get one of the actors to come on ShowShow to talk briefly about this movie.

  7. I had no idea that this would become such a mini-lightning rod (or that anyone had heard of this movie period), but we had one of the actors from the film contact Katie and now it appears as though the cult surrounding this film has already begun to rise (i.e. the facebook group). I truly couldn’t be happier and hope that we have an exclusive interview in the near future.

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