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Real Pirates Call for Real Housewives

Somali women flocking to port in hope of marrying pirates

Real Housewife Pirate LadyAwesome headline, and a real one at that. I think these women may have the right idea. What’s more, I think that Bravo TV should probably start gearing up for Real Housewives of the High Seas – that would be by far the most interesting of the series.

I’m thinking lavish parties, I’m thinking the stealing of jewels and giant tanker ships, I’m thinking fights between the pirate wives over trash talking, I’m thinking moments where the wives break out into a jolly group song. I’m thinking Emmy. It’s gold.


5 Responses

  1. I’m thinking I hope nothing takes away from the new Real Housewives of New Jersey. Talk about Emmy baby, I saw the preview of a dinner table flip. Bee-utiful. I seriously can’t wait for this goodness.

  2. Dude, I saw the same preview and I was only impressed by the mob wife. Face it, nothing is topping the RHONYC – nothing. Except for maybe swashbuckling housewives. “Watch what happens”? Yes, please.

  3. Is mob wife the one who’s husband works construction or the one who says let me tell you something about my family, my family is thick as thieves? Or the one who says her husband is delicious, cut to big sweaty sleezy gold ringed fingers man? Seriously this show makes the OC girls look tame.

  4. Yeah, it totally applies to all of them when you put it that way.

    I was referring to the lady with the husband that owns thehotel or whatever it was. The one who was like 160% Italian and looked like she could kill you with her bare hands.

  5. I love that woman. I hope she knows how to write, I like their blogs as much as the shows.

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