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I feel like the majority of Californians have the same reaction to earthquakes.

“Well, I guess this is it.”

Without making any attempt to move or care more than they feel is immediately necessary, people just wait to see what happens. Oh nothing? That’s convenient. It could have been a lot worse. Now back to reading, watching TV, peeing, mopping or eating Kashi brand something.


14 Responses

  1. its true i love kashi brand somethings

  2. I know you do. You always have.

  3. I stood in a doorway (like we’re all told to) during the earthquake. But it was only because I was already walking through a doorway.

  4. I sat in my my car and considered running around the parking lot, because I’d never run in an earthquake before. That’s where I am with it: experimentation.

  5. I’m going to set up a ton of bobble heads and prepare for the next one.

  6. I’m going to pretend to be Kirk Douglas during the next one *sad trumpet*

  7. I’m going to get some pancake batter ready for mixing. That’s preparation, friends.

  8. I think this deserves further consideration: what fun stuff can you do during an earthquake? that is, what activities are improved by quakes? I looked it up on google and the internet is still stuck on that whole “duck and cover” shit.

  9. I had to run after my dog who actually has a decent sense of what to do in an earthquake – she ducked and covered under my futon… I think it would have been fun(ny) though if we both had the presense of mind to play catch because it was hilarious seeing her try to run around the hardwood in an earthquake

  10. My dogs just sat there and barked at us.

    What good does that do, dogs? Really? I mean, I know what’s happening. The only thing you are doing is barking too loud and now I can’t hear what the TV is saying to me. Shhhh already! Here, go get that bone. No? Ah, whatever. I guess this is it.

  11. Two things- 1) this was the third Earthquake in a row that I was with people that had never been in an earthquake before. From now on, if you have never been in an earthquake- stay the fuck away from me.
    2) Why is everything solved by duck-and-cover? Nuclear Bomb? Duck and Cover. Hurricane? duck and cover. AIDS? Duck and cover. Why do we think that if our house is going to collapse that hiding under our beds is going to protect us? Now doorways, those are safe. I mean I saw post-katrina footage, everybody’s doorways were exactly where they left them.

  12. Another earfquake today:

    This time I was at my desk watching the plastic dinos rattle. “Well dinos, I guess this is it.”

    Spoiler alert: It wasn’t it. None of them even fell down.

  13. I say, bring on the big one already. I’m 100 percent ready to go Lt. Dan all over it’s ass…

    “Come on! You call this an earthquake?! Come on, you son of a bitch! It’s time for a showdown! You and me! I’m right here! Come and get me! YOU’LL NEVER SINK THIS STATE!!!”

  14. And as my last comment on today’s quake, dear friends, I present you with the quote that will stretch through the annals of time, eventually telling the aliens (of AI, I assume) a bit about how our culture responded to natural distasters:

    “It was terrifying,” said Esther Robertson, a cashier at a Burlington Coat Factory store near the epicenter in Hawthorne. “People started running out of the store.”

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