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What Would It Take….

….to get you to read the second book?

The Newly Revealed One Sheet for New Moon:

In all seriousness, Jacob the werewolf is pretty hot.


7 Responses

  1. I realize that in asking that question I am under the assumption that somehow someone was able to get you to read the first book.
    I feel like that makes this question even more interesting because if you were dumb enough (me) to read the first, someone would really need to go above and beyond to get you to continue the series…

  2. I’m sure Jessica will work some magic on you.

  3. i think you should just read the first three chapters of the second book. give it a try. jacob is pretty hot. and spoiler alert: there’s a lot of jacob in the second.

  4. uh oh…

  5. I’ve found that people with tattoos are often into the Twilight series, which lends much more evidence to the fact that tattoos have become gayer than the kids they’re eternally attached to.

  6. That’s the brownest poster I think I’ve ever seen.

  7. brown is the new black. hah. jacobs last name is black. so that’s why my joke is even funnier than you first imagined.

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