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We Love Sam Raimi: Miles and Katie Discuss Drag Me to Hell

Whatcha doin' in that grave, lady?
Miles: First off, they probably should have just called it Evil Dead 4. They had a tool shed and everything.
Katie: Agreed, but the tone felt more like the first Evil Dead to me because it seemed semi serious – not completely off the wall ridiculous.
Miles: I can see that…ish. I think the ruler in the mouth, the teeth falling out, the arm going down the throat…that’s semi-silly stuff. It’s hard to reconcile silly for surreal sometimes.
Katie: I’m not sure I was completely on board with the chick they cast.
Miles: Yeah, she’s sorta just there. It could have been anyone. Actually, wasn’t Ellen Page cast in the movie first and then they replaced her with Lohman?
Katie: I think so. I’d like to see Page get dragged to hell though…and kicked around…and tortured.
Miles: INDEED! I would have loved it, because I want nothing more than for Juno to get embalming fluid poured down her throat.

Katie: Justin Long was great. Agreed?
Miles:  He was, but then again, isn’t he always?
Katie:  At one point I was a little worried his character was going to….have something bad happen to him.
Miles:  Yeah, I had the same thought, and to be honest, I’m not sure why that “bad thing” didn’t happen to him. Although, I suppose he was never “given” anything.
Katie:  I was concerned he’d say, “look you gave me this thing by accident” and then he’d be donezo.
Miles:  Speaking of which, thank god for that ending.
Katie:  If it didn’t end that way, I would have been so PISSED.
Miles:  I think it was the ballsiest ending since The Mist – scorch the fucking earth sort of ending.
Katie:  Hmm, maybe so. Fuck, I love The Mist
Miles:  It’s so good and funnily enough, both of these movies have…sort of crappy CGI. That’s the one draw back to both of them.
Katie:  True, the effects weren’t spectacular, but the car fight was great
Miles:  I can’t remember the last time I saw a movie as ferocious as this one and yes, the car was great.
Miles:  Did the speakers in your theater sound like they’d been turned to 11 during all of the scare scenes?
Katie:  YES
Miles:  It was amazing!
Katie:  Every time I was trying to slow my breathing to prepare. I knew it was coming, but I was still terrified. It was like:  silence, silence, silence, worried look, silence, worried look….**WAAH!*
Miles:  Yeah, you could sort of time it and speaking of timing, I think this has one of the most interestingly paced scenes in any movie I’ve seen lately – the dinner scene.
Katie:  The dinner scene was great. The eyeball in the cake was just like the Book of the Dead.
Miles:  Or The Serpent and the Rainbow. That was my first thought. Pullman should have been in this movie!
Katie:  (Pullman should be in everything, at least just come in and give an epic speech)
Miles:  And honestly, as much as I loved this movie, I can’t help feeling that there was a certain presence missing…a certain chinned presence…
Katie:  I thought maybe there’d be a special cameo…
Miles:  What the FUCK?
Katie:  I don’t know man. The car was in it, but not him?!
Miles:  I mean, how amazing would it have been if they’d hired Ash to try and slay the demon?
Katie:  Or if he was dressed as the old gypsy or one of her helper dudes at the end. A missed opportunity.
Miles:  Exactly. They already had the dancing demons.
Katie:  I KNOW. Pssh.
Miles:  The more I think about this movie, the more I really love it and the more I feel I need to see it again in the theater. This honestly was one of the best experiences I’ve had with a horror film in the theater.
Katie:  It was so much fun. I can’t think of a horror movie that has come out recently that I’ve liked as much….or at all?
Miles:  I think if any up-and-coming directors want to tackle the genre in the future, then they should use what Raimi did with this flick as their new textbook.
Katie:  I would agree with that, though I do hate the loud noise scares. I could do with less of that business.
Miles:  Yeah, but as a roller coaster I mean and the aggressiveness of the camera movement.
Katie: And the pacing – it seemed to fly by.
Miles:  I’d almost forgotten how powerful the “force” camera could be, probably because you get so used to seeing it in Evil Dead on the small screen with crappy sound. It just seemed brand new again. Yeah, and it did fly by.
Katie:  I can’t really think of anything I DIDN’T like about it. I mean, except that the main chick was sort of meh, but that worked cause I was down to see her get so messed up.
Miles:  Haha, maybe that’s the secret – less developed/more despicable characters. But yeah, aside from some less than great effects, it’s just a blast.
Katie: If you cursed someone, who would you curse?
Miles: I would curse…hmm. Who would yours be?
Katie: Tyler Perry
Miles:  NO! He’s a great man. A GREAT man.
Katie:  I’m pretty sure he already sold his soul to the devil anyway, so he has nothing to lose. He’d just be getting fucked up.
Miles:  Oh, I know! Mine would be the blonde chick from The View. She needs to not be around anymore…ever…and forever.


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