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Bisquey Business: Katie & Elijah Are Bored Again

BisqueKatie: You know what sounds good?
Elijah: Lobster bisque
Katie: A white tiger roll from fusion…and bisque. That’s Bisque Babeh!
Elijah: Nice! On the bisque of extinction
Katie: What do you call sexy soup? Bisqué!
Elijah: Oh man, I like where this is going. Bisquey Business – great film.
Katie: Classic. I knew a guy who handled all the soup orders for restaurants. He was in Bisque Management.
Elijah: Heyoooooooooo!
Katie: ZING!
Elijah: Let’s go to the park later and play bisque golf, you down?
Katie: Totally! What do cops do after they read the soup chef his Miranda rights? They BISQUE him!
Elijah: (laughs)
Katie: Why couldn’t the chef download tonight’s menu?
Elijah: Because of a technical bisque-cue?
Katie: (laughs) He was using the wrong floppy bisque!
Elijah: Well, he couldn’t even make dinner anyways. He replaced his wire bisque.
Katie: (laughs) True. He should have never done that
Elijah: I know!
Katie: (wags finger) Bisque, bisque.
Tisk….get it……
It must suck being the accountant that has to look over all the soup chef’s finances for the bisque-al year.
Elijah: No kidding. At least he’s got that brand new box of Bisque-its on his desk. He loves those crackers. Ignorance is bisque, I suppose.
Katie: Yeah, I suppose.


3 Responses

  1. This post sucked bisque.

  2. That reminds me – I should go down to the fish market this weekend and get some off-the-boat lobsters. Delicious.

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