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Just What the Oscars Need: More Oscars

Academy President Sid Ganis

Think the Oscars are too long? Oh good, then you’ll love this:

“The Academy Awards are doubling the number of best-picture nominees from five to 10.”

Uhh, good thinking Sid! There weren’t even ten good movies released last year. Guh.


11 Responses

  1. Also, does Meryl Streep even make ten movies a year? How is she supposed to keep up!?

  2. that’s really dumb. TEN?!?!?!?!?!?!? Prepare for a slew of “Best Picture Nominee” DVD promos, I guess….

    • It’s SO dumb. They used to do that many years and years ago, but they probably realized that it was a bad idea when the show was 14 hours long.

  3. Now that I think about it for ten seconds–do you think this is a ploy to increase now-flagging movie attendance? I know there are a lot of people who try to see every movie nominated for best picture, and if they hold true to that they just doubled those peoples’ movie budget.

  4. In all fairness, had there been 10 nominees last year, then the film that made the most money and was loved by the most people probably would’ve been nominated.

  5. Does this mean they can now include “non-traditional” movies- I’m thinking like Pixar, Dark Knight (which I’m assuming is what Miles was referring to)- that they usually are too snooty to nominate? Because if we’re just gonna double the number of “The English Patient” movies, then the Oscars are gonna go the way of the Grammys.

  6. Yeah, see that’s the thing. If it means they open it up to more awesome movies, then I’m fine with it. But honestly, the movies nominated last year weren’t all the best. So are they just making room for more crap, or leaving the crap to include the good, or some other strange—-

    Listen, they don’t need ten. Just nominate the best movies. If Wall-E was one of the best MOVIES, then nominate that in the fucking normal BEST PICTURE category. Why is that such a friggin ridiculous idea?! GUH!

  7. I would only be okay with the “opening it up” theory if it meant one of those movies actually ever won….which still seems just as unlikely.

  8. Does anyone know what it takes to become an Oscar voter? Basically why does it feel like it’s always stuffy old white men that vote for these things? Anybody have any clue how that could change?

  9. Have a shark kill like half of ’em

  10. It’s called The Academy Awards, so I’m assuming that you must be a member of The Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences. Also, I think you need to be an actor or something…
    Don’t the actors vote for the actors and the sound designers for whoever the hell designs sound? Is that how this works? I am confused.

    Also, yes, I was talking about The Dark Knight. And you never know how well films like that might do if actually thrown into the ring. We could have had that film walk away with the award for Best Picture had it been an option in the first place.

    That said, I think this devalues the award. The Academy is treating their nominations process like an AYSO game. “A tie means that EVERYONE’S A WINNER!”

    They’re clearly responding to the outrage that a lot of fans expressed last/this year when the nominations came down and excluded a number of better films (i.e. The Wrestler, Wall-E, The Dark Knight, anything but Frost/Nixon, etc.) in favor of mediocre fare (i.e. Frost/Nixon, The Reader, I Can’t Even Remember The Rest of the Nominees So This Should Tell You Something About How Bad They Were: The Motion Picture, etc.) and if you want to believe the way that I do, and view this as yet another marketing ploy on the part of an awards show that has yielded diminishing returns year after year for the past few years–ratings wise, although it could be argued (if I had more time) that the show is sagging in other areas–then you can simply shrug your shoulders, realize that the creative integrity of the ceremony has always been flawed and hope that the film you end up loving the most winds up with a bit of recognition next February.

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