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ShowShow’s 3rd Annual Howloween Spooktacular! *Updated*

Yes, we’re doing it again this year. Here’s the list of films so far…

8 more days 'till Howloween...

8 more days 'till Howloween...




Lair of the White Worm

The Serpent and the Rainbow



From A Whisper to a Scream

Trick or Treat

Black Sabbath

Night of the Demon (1957)


Little Otik

Woodchipper Massacre

He Knows You’re Alone

Dressed To Kill

The Descent

The Gate

Silver Bullet

The Gingerdead Man

The Blob

Cropsey (with special guests!)

The House of the Devil (with special guests!)



7 Responses

  1. 976-EVIL and Shocker are both seriously underrated movies. MORE PILLEGI!

  2. YESSS! I’m so excited. Unfortunately, I don’t think I’ll be able to follow along this year (as much as I’d like to).


    A lot of these sound like pretty great flicks. I did have a suggestion, but now I can’t for the life of me remember what it is. Oh well. I think you guys got this covered.

  4. […] ‘09 Picks 2009 September 26 by thebeef Every October, myself and the rest of the ShowShow podcast gang get together and watch a horror movie a day. Since there’s four of us on the […]

  5. Basket Case, Pieces, and Ghoulies? I love you so much right now, Beef. I was actually going to suggest Basket Case, but I completely forgot. Ghoulies is a seriously underrated movie.

  6. Thanks Tony! I’ve been meaning to see all of these movies for a long time now so it’s good to finally get back into the swing of watching horror movies.

  7. Trick or Treat? The 1986 classic? I FUCKING LOVE THIS movie. LOVE IT. I want to be on this show. Skippy in a horror movie? Directed by Charles Martin Smith? Cameos by Ozzy & The Demon? Awesome!

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