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WSSSW? (AKA What Should ShowShow Watch?)

Hey everyone,

I’ve been asking this question on the Popsyndicate forums for about a week now, but I’ll try it again here for those you of who listen to the show but don’t feel like registering on the boards: What do you want us to watch in the month of November?

We’ve gotten a lot of great suggestions from our listeners, but only 8 slots to fill, so we’re narrowing that down with the poll you see below you. Vote for the movie you love/want to hear us talk about/hate/want to hear us bitch about. Whatever, you get the idea.

Oh, and you can vote as often as you want this time twice, meaning that if there’s more than one movie that you want us to review, you can vote for both of them.


5 Responses

  1. It only let me vote once!

  2. Whaaaaat? I set it up for unlimited votes! Lemme see about this…

  3. Durn.

  4. What?! How is Whatever Happened to Baby Jane not higher on this? Are you people insane?!

  5. Our listeners hate us. I’m convinced after She-Ra.

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