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“Uproariously Hilarious, Funny!” says Some Critic Somewhere

Whoever is describing Up in the Air as a comedy needs to stop immediately. That’s not to say it’s not funny at times, but setting people up for a romantic comedy and sending them into the theater only to be blasted by depression and isolation is a little uncalled for I should say. (This stems from the various reviews I read in papers, ads I’ve seen on TV, etc.)

That said, George Clooney was born in a suit. That’s my theory and a good one based on facts, science and general observation. Other men who fall into this rare breed/classification include Cary Grant and Rex Harrison.

Oh right, the movie. It was good and I enjoyed it quite thoroughly. Vera Farmiga was gorgeous and captivating, and Anna Kendrick (from the Twilight movies – guh) was actually extremely good. I loved her character and Kendrick’s ability to be both cold and hot at once was wonderful.

Do you need to see it in the theater? Only if you’re one of us that tries to see the nominees prior to the Oscars. Otherwise, just wait it out, rent it, pop a bowl of popping corn and prepare to take flight into some sad and contemplative airspace.


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  1. I didn’t really like the ending. Yeah, alright, he’s upset, but then what? What does he really want beyond the one woman? Does he get over it and become content with his old lifestyle again? Does he resolve to actively search for a committed relationship afterward in some sort of reverse mid-life crisis? Something else?

    I get that his whole MO was keeping people at arm’s length, but his being the narrator alone doesn’t mean the script has to do the same to the audience. Your wingtip light will be brighter than my house lights, great, thanks.

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