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Girls Finally Able To Express Their Crushing Angst Through Play (Mad Men Barbies Coming Soon)

Yes, these are real and yes, they will soon be available for purchase. Here’s the original story.


Pajama Jeans (aka Leg Snuggies)

Rekindle the Romance – My Book Love Burns Hotter Than Ever

Back in November I attended the Web 2.0 Expo in New York, which was hosted by O’Reilly. While the event itself was very cool and informative, the best thing to come out of it didn’t happen until late last week. That was when I opened my email to discover that I had been named the winner of the Amazon Kindle – the exit survey contest prize. Nice.

I have heard of these Kindle things before, in fact, my dearest’s mother has one. At a lunch one day she showed me her Kindle and all its wondrous gifts – I was sold. However, the price deterred me and after all I did already have all of Jane Austen and Shakespeare’s works on my iPhone.

Yet when the Kindle arrived in the mail, my heart skipped a beat. I busted open the box and there it was – my new Book Monster. Folks, I’m in love. It is the most amazing little, nerdy, book magic machine ever.

When I was younger I always wanted the computer-book-technology that Penny from Inspector Gadget had. I was jealous. That chick could read things AND push buttons AND solve crimes. Dang it, why not me!? Well guess what you stupid cartoon – I CAN NOW, IN REAL LIFE EVEN.

One last thing. TechCrunch put out their Top 10 Reasons The Apple iPad Will Put Amazon’s Kindle Out of Business. To all of those reasons I say, NOPE. Sorry guys, I already have an iPhone and see no reason to spend $500 on a wider one. Every one of those 10 things you bring up is hogwash, including the “sexy” factor (#10). The Kindle can be sexy. I can throw a risqué brassiere on it and play some jazz. So come on, try a little harder than that.

I love the Kindle so hard already.

A Very Sunny Christmas

Fans of the show will not be disappointed in this incredibly violent and ultra awesome holiday special. Dennis and Dee try to give Frank a visit from a ghost from his past with the hope that he’ll stop being a dick, Charlie and Mac try to find their lost holiday spirit and hilarity, naturally, ensues. I can’t remember laughing this hard at an episode in a long time.

My only complaint is that the special features leave something to be desired. Although, there is a very trippy sing-a-long video that will most likely make you cry and/or vomit.

The DVD is on sale at Target now for $16.99 (normal price is $24.99). Happy Holidays!

Web 2.0 Expo in NYC: Katie Geeks Out On Social Media

This year my company hooked me up with an amazing opportunity and sent me to the Web 2.0 Expo in New York. It was a 3-day geekathon that covered all aspects of social media and the digital future. In short, it was incredible and I am very thankful that I was given the chance to go and see some really wonderful speakers. Continue reading

Look What Brian Did!

Look at the awesome thing that our very good friend Brian did (he designed the shirts for Matthew Modine Saves the Alpacas). Congrats, Brian!

The embedded video isn’t working properly, but click on the link to see the really cool video that is burning up all the internets today!

Then for more fun stuff, go here: savethealpacas.com
Save them for realz

Wait, what? No…