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ShowShow158: All Of It!

Reviews of The Cool School, Blue Velvet, Torque, Miami Blues and Inception! Plus, is Miles allowed to hate When Harry Met Sally?

Download that shit right here!


Girls Finally Able To Express Their Crushing Angst Through Play (Mad Men Barbies Coming Soon)

Yes, these are real and yes, they will soon be available for purchase. Here’s the original story.

He Always Haimed High: RIP COREY

Vampires, werewolves, driver licenses – you name it, he killed it. He partied hard and seemed to have no shame. He will be missed by movie geeks that make references their friends and family never get. A moment of silence for Mr. Corey Haim.

Movies by the Glass

So my dreams were shot down yesterday. Pfff, dreams. Who needs ‘em?!

I was going to start a new pretentious blog on which I would pair a wine with a movie. I mean, how awesome does that sound? Here was the ABOUT page:


There was a serious lack of pretention, or prétentieux, in my life. All the scarves, hip music and books in the world were not enough to quench my thirst for the magniloquent. Therefore, I embark on an intrepid journey whereon I shall attempt to provide you with a delectable pairing of cinema and vino. Bold, sweet, full-bodied—all words that have been used to describe me. Now, I shall use them to classify a diverse library of film and libation.

Movies. Booze. Words.


Of course, when I told certain people about this they scoffed, pretentiously I might add. The first pairing was going to be Wings of Desire with a refreshing Dr Heyden Auslese Oppenheimer ’07. It was going to blow minds and excite palettes. Oh well. Maybe I’ll just make it a weekly feature on here instead.

The ShowShow – FANtastic New Developments!

ShowShow is now on Facebook! Yeah, I have no idea why it took us so long to make this happen – it’s what I get paid for even! Shame.

Anyway, now you and all your friends can become fans of the ShowShow podcast and stay updated on all the latest and greatest news and such. It’s also a place for you to leave us feedback, tell us what you’d like to hear us talk about on the show, ask us questions and whatever else!

Find us at Facebook.com/TheShowShow

Crazy Good

When the trailer for Crazy Heart came out I told people that, to me, it looked like the country music version of The Wrestler. Having now seen the full movie I can say with confidence that I was right – and wrong. Crazy Heart is The Wrestler, only WAY better.*

I know that many folks really enjoyed Aronofsky’s film – I was one of them. However, now having seen a very similar story perfectly done it’s no contest. Also, Jeff Bridges should win for Best Actor in a Leading Role. There I said it…and I’m only saying that because I think Christoph Waltz may get placed in the Supporting Actor category.

Listen, you should see this movie. Not necessarily in the theaters, but someplace. A garage would do just fine. Just see it to watch Bridges in one of his best roles.

HOLY CRAP, I almost forgot. Robert Duvall! He’s SO good in this! That makes two incredible parts for him this year (his part in The Road was the best part of that movie). Duvall and Bridges fishing on the river in a beautiful scene about fatherhood and the prospect of forgiveness for an undeserving soul is gorgeous. Then Duvall sings a little tune and your heart kind of melts into this weird stew of “wow.”

I only saw The Wrestler once, and I don’t see myself watching it again – Crazy Heart though? I’m going to buy this one. And yes, Maggie Gyllenhaal is in the movie, but get over her weird baggy cheeks and watch it okay? Honestly, you can be so petty sometimes.

Sorry, that’s not much of a review, but I don’t want to spoil anything. It’s fantastic and I can’t say that enough.

*I also want to note that people are comparing this movie to Tender Mercies, but I haven’t see that (yet) and I am therefore unable to adequately comment.

Zack “Preppy” Morris Finally Released from Prison

“Michael Doulas takes time out from sucking to make a movie.” – Trainor

Wall Street 2