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Moore for Your Money: How Social Media Sold a Home in Less than a Week.

This is another post I shared on my company’s blog. I really like the story though, so I thought I would share it here as well.


Many of my clients and contacts are interested in learning how Social Media can assist with home sales. It’s a question that comes with a lot of preconceived notions about social technologies—i.e. that they are only used to update friends with what you had for breakfast—as well as some deep-seated fears of transparency and the potential for negative feedback.

However, if you take the plunge and trust in the power of social networks, community and honest sales, then these new methods of sales and customer service can have an immediate and positive effect on your business. Be it small, large or even for a one-time exchange, Social Media is a powerful tool.

Need an example? Tim Moore, digital solutions specialist for the New York Times Company, recently tried a cool sales experiment that shows the kind of impact that social technologies can have. Moore set out to sell his home in 72 hours or less using only social tools—no realtors, only connections. And how did it go?

His home did not sell within 72 hours—it sold within 50.

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Girls Finally Able To Express Their Crushing Angst Through Play (Mad Men Barbies Coming Soon)

Yes, these are real and yes, they will soon be available for purchase. Here’s the original story.

Pajama Jeans (aka Leg Snuggies)

Human Investment: Are You Willing to Go All In?

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about investing. Not investing in stocks or bonds, but in associations.  For example: a friendship, a significant other and a relative.

In an effort to see what other folks were thinking, I posed these questions to a few people:

How much are you willing to invest in your relationships? When do you draw the line and cut your losses, or decide to go all-in and hope for the best. How big of a risk are you willing to take on another person?

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Jane Austen’s Guide to “Social Media”

[This is a post I wrote for my company’s blog site. I thought I would share it here as well since some of you are also Austen fans and might find something in here to scoff at.]

The what? Yes, you read that correctly. Jane Austen was more than just a supremely divine author (I’m a diehard fan, can you tell?), she was also the source of some very accurate observations that can be applied to the new social media realm.

Silly things do cease to be silly if they are done by sensible people in an impudent way. ~ Emma

Many people consider things like Twitter and Facebook to be “silly” wastes of time. However, put a knowledgeable person behind a keyboard on one of these forums and watch what happens. You’ll notice that a steady stream of comments about sandwiches and celebrities will quickly transform into an invaluable information feed.

Everybody likes to go their own way–to choose their own time and manner of devotion. ~ Mansfield Park

Check that out – the brilliant Austen, in all her glory, predicted the demise of “push marketing” before anyone else! No one wants to be told what to do and when to do it, and this is directly connected to our current obsession with social forums. People would much rather turn to review sites like Yelp or TripAdvisor than take their cues from more traditional marketing efforts (i.e. print advertisements). That’s not to say that those aren’t important. It’s just that now most people want to hear from other folks about their real-life experiences, and then make decisions based on the candid opinions and feelings that they share. Jane was on to something big. Continue reading

The Hard Age

Whenever I am going through a frustrating ordeal, my mother always offers the comforting phrase, “Well, it’s a hard age.” By this she means to say that being relatively young and unsure of the future can be tough.

Of course, now I realize that she says this to me (age 26), to her co-workers (34-67), to my sister and brother (32 and 22 respectively) and to her sister as well (65). While at first I was a bit troubled by the fact that she was recycling this wisdom – seemingly tailored just for me – to everyone, now I see it as being an absolute truth. It really is a hard age.

Whether you are trying to decide what to do professionally, who to love, where to live, how to live, when to retire – or whatever, it’s a hard age. My mom is going through the process now of planning her next journey. A woman who has always put her children first, she is at a point in her life when she can do things for herself – and I think that scares her. It scares all of us.

When are you supposed to just live for yourself? Not let the opinions of others sway your thinking or choices? Decide that from now on, what you do will be what makes you happy? Fuck, it’s a hard age.

On that note, I’m taking a walk down the Southern California shore today. I hear the waves are nice.

Turn Up the Volume

Sure, I’ve been posting mostly videos – whatever, what is YOUR problem?! Honestly, you take and take and take. You need to calm down, sit back and say, “hey, what have I written for Wynner lately?” While you reflect on that for a few minutes, I’d love for you to watch this other video. I found it inspirational, albeit a little corny.

What… lemme guess, you don’t like corn either. Jeeze!