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“You’re Meme T’Me / Why Must You Be Meme T’Me” – Dean Martin

Oh man.

So me and my cell mate (who shall remain nameless for his protection – he’s a pretty famous rock star) decided that the best way to close out a hectic work week is to memeify ourselves. Below are some besties of the day.

Confused by a few? Whatever, you’ll get over it. Just laugh like you do when someone tells an inside joke you don’t understand but you wanna be accepted by them so you laugh…a little too hard. Then everyone looks at you and it’s even more awkward than if you had just nodded and waited for the next topic to come up. God, you’re sucha weirdo sometimez. FACT: Z’s at the end of words make them 45.62% funnier.

I was surprised by an edit cell mate had made. This seemed like the most natural way to express my taken abackedness.

At some point today I said "they touch lips" and I fell in love with the phrase. Hence, the most amazingly suave frog of all timez.

Somebody in our office steals our milk from the fridge. This does not make me laugh. However, this kid getting all pissed about it did make me laugh. Still outta milk though.

I am the Social Media Manager for my company. I also love the movie Jurassic Park. Laughter rumbled something awful in my belly..

Cell mate was just being a jerk with this one after he read something I had to draft for my ultra-mega-radical marketing efforts.


Still Bill, Still Killin’ It

So I really want to watch this film about Bill Withers. It looks amazing, and sounds amazing from the audio clips I’ve heard so far. If you visit the website you can host your own free screening of the film. Not sure how many of you would be interested, but Bill seems like one incredible human being that I wish I could hang out with – just the two of us.

“I’m On A Horse.”

This is an amazing ad from Old Spice – and the best part? My man actually smells like that man.

Parisian Love – FTW!

This was by far the best commercial from the Super Bowl selection.

I WANT: Mugshot Mugs

Awesome mugshots now on awesome mugs, and THIS is the one that I want.

Spacious Thoughts

Many of you have already heard the awesomeness that is the N.A.S.A. Spirit of Apollo album wherein Tom Waits collaborated on a track, “Spacious Thoughts.” Now, here’s “the surreal animated video, created by Montreal based artists Fluorescent Hill,” for you to enjoy.

Spacious Thoughts from Anti Records on Vimeo.


I’m not saying you should give our your bank info or anything like that, but this is legitimately awesome.

Feel free to comment here with your social security numbers, you know, so that I know who said what…