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Get Your Goosebumps Ready, This Song is THE SONG OF SONGS.

Some of the most precious moments can happen at work. Just now, while researching for an upcoming presentation on Social Media and ROI, my co-worker and I tripped a song fantastic. We were listening to KCRW’s streaming audio, live from Austin…

Rockstar: Hey, talking to national builders and shit? Allow me to get all mushy for a sec.

Me: Ok

Rockstar: Because I’m majorly hungover, and just got done being very Irish for a night and Alex Chilton died, but I’m proud of you! You’re doing cool things, and it’s gonna keep going for you.

Me: Awww. Rockstar, I know your drunk right now, but that means a lot to me. Also, this remix of “Home” is making me wanna cry. This version is amazing. I like the other one too, but this is AWESOME.

Rockstar: Yeah, this is really good! I wonder who did this.  NO ONE TOLD ME THERE WERE REMIXES

Me: OH MY LORD. I want this in my ear space for all timez. If I ever get married  this is my song. I’m super cereal too.

Rockstar: It would be a perfect wedding song –  it’s a very timeless song.

Me: Fuck it’s so good

Rockstar: I’ll tell you a secret. When he says “jade, there’s something I never told you about that night…”  and talks about how he was falling in love with her…when she reacts

I believe that they didn’t rehears it


that he really never did tell her that until just then!

…but I’m stupid

me: I just got goosebumps. Im serious. I love her voice.

I wish I was her.


I hate myself

I wanna live in this song

Rockstar: Did you google it?! We need it!

Me: I’m looking, I’m looking!