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Pajama Jeans (aka Leg Snuggies)


Lisa Thinks Maher Rules

By Lisa
HodgeBlodge Snuggie Model

If you are a Bill Maher fan, you may have seen this “New Rule” on his last episode. (For those of you who aren’t regular Real Time viewers, Maher has a segment at the end of each episode where he makes up…new rules….catchy title, right?) If you have not seen it, I encourage you to enjoy this delightful, and thought provoking, rant about how America needs to grow up. I have three words for you: Twitter, ifart, Snuggie. Yes, Bill Maher in a Snuggie. Love it. Now don’t get me wrong. I think the Snuggie sounds like the greatest thing since donuts, but I’ll admit Maher has some valid points. Enjoy!

Blankets are OK but they can slip and slide, plus your hands are trapped inside.

I tried to buy Miles a Snuggie™ at the As Seen on TV store in the mall. They didn’t have any. What did they have? A waiting listing for Snuggies. Yes, that is a truth.
She waited 1,000 years for her Snuggie
So many people want Snuggies that there was a full page of names and phone numbers….folks clamoring for Snuggies.

It might just be easier to order them online. Plus, when you buy one you get a second one for free!!!

Waiting list….true story….

Get a Snuggie

(picture does not necessarily depict a “Snuggie” per say)