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He Always Haimed High: RIP COREY

Vampires, werewolves, driver licenses – you name it, he killed it. He partied hard and seemed to have no shame. He will be missed by movie geeks that make references their friends and family never get. A moment of silence for Mr. Corey Haim.


Trailer of the Week: The Reflecting Skin

I finally found a copy of this film (it’s never been released on DVD and has been out of print on VHS for years now) and I’ll be reviewing it later this week, but for now, enjoy one of the best trailers I’ve seen in a long time and know that it only gives you a small hint of the weirdness to come.

ShowShow68: The Hunger

This is up a bit late, but that’s fine.  I’m tired, so don’t give me shit.



“Unchain me, Sister… Please!” By Alan Passman

NOTE: Alan’s tangents are the stuff dreams( bad dreams) are made of. To make a long story short, here’s Alan’s EPICALLY diagnostic review of Lost Boys: The Tribe

There is something about going over the same familiar territory that can be comforting -like visiting a hometown after being abroad for several years or having sex with your ex. Then there is what happens when a needless sequel is made (e.g. American Psycho 2, Be Cool, or Balto 2: Wolf Quest). The only thing these films succeeded in doing was aggravating the original core audience that was stoked on whatever made the real McCoy stand out. With that said, sometimes films also get made because of how great their predecessor was. If you were like me and you remember how it felt when you finished watching Superman Returns, then you have an inkling of how much love there is between me and Lost Boys: The Tribe. Chances are you don’t though, so let us do some backtracking then.

The Supes reboot bothered me because it was Bryan Singer making a fanboy mash note to the Donner films. It wasn’t a complete retread, but it was such an artfully done mockup that the creative recreations just became annoying after awhile. This was especially true when Smallville never actually fought or did anything interesting throughout the whole film. This addition to the mythos – this specific 80s cult classic – wasn’t done on the same scale as Superman and feels like an overly ambitious Youtube tribute film.

You should know before we go any further that the original film, Lost Boys, is one of my all-time favorite screen gems. Since it was Joel Schumacher-directed then that is saying a plethora about how good the flick has to be. I remember my parents renting it for my aunt and her husband when they were staying with us. It had just been released on video and I knew nothing about it. I wasn’t that big of a fan of “scary movies” being a little kid, but the movie allows you to soldier on because of how strong it is as a comedic adventure. It is a great bookend between Monster Squad and Goonies. Richard Donner actually produced/directed Goonies and was originally set to do both again for Lost Boys, but ended up just staying on in a producing capacity. Continue reading