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What’s a Blodge?

The short answer:

Hodgepodge + Blog = HodgeBlodge

The long (somewhat less realistic) answer:


The HodgeBlodge was created fourteen-hundred years ago when a magical tree, which the forest called Blodge, was cut down by the evil Kreal.

Kreal was an enemy of randomness and community, and would stop at nothing to destroy all forms of happpiness that could come from either. Blodge happened to be the tree that all of the woodland creatures would come to for social events, important meetings, and dinner. Knowing this, Kreal ate through Blodge’s magical trunk, and as the mighty Blodge fell to the ground the sound of millions of humming birds filled the air. The echoing boom marked the fall of randomess, and the creatures were left with no place to go.

One of the creatures, a small furr-fanell named Hodge, knew that something must be done, or there would be no place for birthday parties, war plans, or meatloaf. As such, he strapped on a tiny fourteen-hundred year-old backpack and headed off to create this: HodgeBlodge.

The other creatures missed Hodge and Blodge, but knowing that somehow Hodge would bring back a Blodge kept them hopeful until his return nine minutes later. The laughs and cheers of all of the woodland creatures destroyed Kreal and broke him into a trillion pieces, which were subsequently eaten by millions of humming birds.

By visting HodgeBlodge you are contributing to this ancient community of hope, dreams, and the defeat of order, sense, and Kreal. Hodge thanks you for your contribution.


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  1. my first exprience.

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